Besteel¬†manufacture a wide range of machineries and components, which demonstrate our flexibility and commitment in meeting our clients’ requirements. In addition, also offers field erection services ranging from piping installation to tanks and structural steelworks.

The Core Products are
– Storage tanks
– Pressure vessels for air, gas and liquids
– Pipes for steam, cooling water, and gases
– Screw conveyors and bucket elevators
– Cements plant equipment such as Rotary Kilns, Coolers, and Cyclone
– Exhaust systems, air & gas ducts and chimneys
– Material handling equipment
– Air heaters and heat exchangers
– Structural Steel for buildings, pipe racks and bridges

Pressure Vessel
Besteel’s pressure vessel fabrication facilities are capable of handling vessels up to 4 metre in outside diameter, 15 metre in length and up to 32 mm in plate thickness. Our plants are well equipped with an array of lifting and welding equipment, welding positioners, non-destructive testing and quality control facilities, shot blasting and painting chambers. Design is based on ASME VIII/BS 5500 codes

Storage Tanks
Besteel is experienced in designing, fabricating, constructing and commissioning of on and off-site tanks in accordance to BS 2654 and API 650. The tank farms are used for storage and handling of various products such as crude and refined oil, LPG, and liquid products.

Steel Structures
Besteel undertakes the fabrication of heavy structural steelworks for building and industrial application. Fabrication works at our plants are carried out using advance NC beamline machines for precision cutting and drilling of steel sections.

Besteel tailor-makes and installs large diameter pipes for various applications, from offshore jetty pumphouse to power stations, district cooling systems and penstocks. Shop fabricated spool pipes ensure better quality control and simplifies field installation with minimal logistic problems.

Products & Services