Our New Composting Technology

Improvement Of Yield Production and Solve Rotting Stem Root Problem

Besteel Berhad has more than 20 year in the construction of Palm Oil Mill. Over the year we have walead closely with constant entirees product specialists

Besteel Berhad throught anassociate company, unique nutries Sdn Bhd has developed & composting System for empty fruit Bunches and Palm Oil Mill Effluent. We are provident “TRICODERMA” innoculour for the production of bio-compost for use in the plantatium

This “TRICODERMA” innocation was developed and reflected by Dr. Famidah Abdullah of University Rate Malaysia. The system is pending Patent approval

POME Application System

For POME Application using tanker truck. POME is to be pumped rom the POME storage area into tanker and transported to the compositing ground. Tanker truck is equipped with portable pump and hoses for spraying POME onto windod. However, our poposed Window Turner is equipped with spraying mechanism can be connected to the tanker

* Composting Ground

An open ground is required for thepurposes of EFB and POME composting process. Site visit is to be initiated to select a suitable site for location of the composting ground. For cost effective operation, the composting ground is preferred to be located as close to the palm oil mill and POME pond as possible, in order to tap into easy located transportation of shredded EFB and effluent. The ground would need to be cleared of vegetation and debris, compacted having a gradient of between two degrees and tour degrees.

* Machinery

The plant utilizes similar machinery as per mill operation, as such maintenance and up-keep of the machineries is known. The window-turner is provided with intensive operation and maintenance training, both at factory and Client’s plantg, and it is also provided with one year warranty

* Man Power

The composting plant is a straight forward operation, by adhering to the operation guide-line, it can be operated with one competent plant manager and a group of general workers

Benefits of Trichogreen

Trichoderma-infused compost is an effient bio-fungicide for the control of basal stem rot of oil-palm(Elaies guineensis), caused by the fungal pathogen Ganoderma boninense; to which no effective chemical control us yet available, in Malaysia as well enhancer besides improving soil structure soil water holding capacity, increase diversity and growth of soil microoganism which plays an important role in soil productivity.

Trichgreen is an anti segregation agent so that inorganic fertilizer of N.P,K. Mg and B can be mixed and applied to the field as and when required; to reduce application round; to reduce risk of rain wash; and for more uniform and balance fertilizer application to the field

Trichogreen contains 10 viable spores of Trichoderma harzianum(isolate FA 1132) per kilogram carrier is also a nutritive organic substrate, which allows fungal growth and production of secondary metabolities when place under the right condition

As a bio-fungicide, it shows a chemotalic movement towards Ganoderma; it then cause physical strangulation, produces both diffusible and volatile antibiotic metabolities as well as enzymes, particularly chitinases that lyse the pathogenic fungal cellwall

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