General Scope of works includes the design, fabrication, delivery, commissioning, handing over and guarantee. The installation of equipment on steel structure will be provided by others
Function: Digestion of loose fruitlets before screw press oil extraction
Specification : 3.5m3 complete with main drive and accessories but excluding starter board & Local switch which will be provided by others.
Unit capacity: 15mt Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) per hour or volume of not less than 3,500 liters
Dimension : approx, 4,000mm H x 1,300mm D
Construction : The cylindrical portion shall have a 12mm thick mild steel shell with a layer of replaceable war liner 9mm thick manganese steel.
Insulation : The shell insulated with rockwool at density of 60kg/m2 and covered with 22 gauge aluminum sheet

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