Transfer Carriage Various length from 5 meter to 9 meter.
Function : To transfer FFB cages from one rail track to another rail track.
Type : Two m.s. box type girders supported by two beam c/w hydraulic motor.
Chain : Two length of 150mm pitch x 24,000 ibf conveyor chain shall fitted to two sets of sprockets fixed onto 76mm dia.shaft.
Drive : The Hydraulic system shall consist of an electrically driven power pack of 11KW motor operationg (3)three sets of control valves to carry out the following functions
1. Forward and Reverse traversing of Carriage
Two high torgue low speed hydraulic motors, mounted on at each end of the carriage to provide two wheel traction
2. Track alignment & Latching of Carriage
Two Horizontally mounted hydraulic cylinders each operates a pair of latches to provide final alignment and latching of carriage
3. Discharging of Fruit Cages
One high torgue low speed hydraulic motor drive an undertow conveyor chain mounted with pushers to push the cages onto and off the carriage.

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